<June 2024>

About Us

Haryana Council Of Open School Education (HCOSE) was set up and registered in Government of Haryana. The HCOSE identified the Haryana State to provide education up to secondary/ senior secondary level, especially to the children belonging to Scheduled Tribes. It was observed that there was an urgent need to reach the STs, socially and educationally disadvantaged classes and other culturally, economically, geographically weaker sections of the society, as literacy rate among these groups, particularly among girl-child is very low. In view of the need to accelerate the pace and progress of secondary education, especially in tribal/ rural conglomeration, Haryana Council Of Open School Education (HCOSE) proposed to collaborate with the State of Haryana Based on the experience gained over the period, it may spread its wings to similar pockets in other States.

A detailed scheme of Syllabus along with the scheme of Examination for High School & Intermediate Examination is enclosed along with the Project submitted to the Government of Haryana. It may be submitted that in respect of Secondary/High School and Senior Secondary/ Intermediate programme, the learner will study 6 subjects for Secondary and 5 subjects for Senior Secondary for the purpose of certification. However, a learner will be permitted to study one more subject as per his/ her convenience. Course curriculum in each subject will be planned for 100 hours of study time, and out of this 40 hours will be at study centre/ academic centre/ personal contact classes and 60 hours as self-study. The entry requirements at SSC (10th level will be as followed by open schools.

The HCOSE will conduct public examinations twice a year, as is being practiced by other State Open Schools. A candidate will get nine chances to appear in the public examinations over a period of 5 years from the date of registration to complete the Secondary School Certification (SSC)/ Sr. Secondary School Certification (Sr. SSC). HCOSE shall issue SSC/ Sr. SSC pass certificates under its emblem to all those who qualify the SSC/ Sr. SSC course. These certificates will be equivalent to SSC/ Sr. SSC of formal system in the country on reciprocal basis. A candidate can choose to appear in any one or more subjects in any examination and earn credits, which will be accumulated till all subjects required for certification are successfully completed within a period of 5 years from the date of registration. Candidates who have appeared in SSC examination in any other Board/ Council recognized by COBSE and have passed in certain subjects can get their credits transferred up to a maximum of two subjects while appearing for SSC in the Open Schooling system. Besides, the HCOSE would also offer `On Demand-On-Line’ examination to the desirous students. A detailed scheme in this regard is attached herewith.

HCOSE will set up its centres at district headquarter level in the State. A minimum of one institution in each Block will be nominated as Academic Centre/ Study Centre for academic centres. However, there may be no restriction for more Academic Centers in case of demand. It will have the option to set up its branch(s) at places other than Haryana also, depending on the need and requirement, as the scheme progresses.

Approve study or academic centres and/or vocational study centres through appropriate agreements with such centres to implement open and distance learning programmes;

HCOSE shall be a self-sustained body without any financial commitment on the part of the State Government.